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Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Saturday, December 8, 2012

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Snappzmarket Swype v1.3.6.10405 Swype v1.3.6.10405 : Android 2.2+

Snappzmarket Swype v1.3.6.10405 Swype v1.3.6.10405 : Swype – Type - Write - Speak - Living Learning Keyboard - Next Word Prediction - New Feel – Voice-Text Dictionary Sync -Personal Language Model – Default Dictionary Editing


Swype a four sa modalities keyboard. Swype from letter ; Type rapidly text sa powered; Swype naturally through a fully integrated Dragon button; or, simply Write letters, words using .

Living Learning Keyboard

Swype builds a personal language model style. It’s a ‘living keyboard’ call it. it, accurate .

Next Word Prediction

Swype advanced bi-gram -gram modeling from portfolio, uncanny next-word-prediction.’s learning language model, accurate use.

New Feel

Swype than ever. We’ve redesigned from up. We’ve made both interaction much cleaner look. ’s no key—just long press bar languages!

Voice-Text Dictionary Syncing

Every new word added personal dictionary gets added speech . Swype unified language model, so after new words dictionary speak them no matter how unique. even learn from emails, texts, Facebook .

…AND, ! Swype Beta:

Default dictionary editing! Just long press word when it’s horizontal candidate list dictionary

Personalization, Facebook, Gmail, ! Import words from previous SMS messages Settings > Swype Connect > Personalization. grab contacts from Gmail , from Twitter.

Major improvements . Swype supports ChunJiIn keyboard. Chinese both Simplified sa, Zhuyin, Bihua, Canjie Canjie.

Install Swype Beta alongside -installed Snappzmarket Swype v1.3.6.10405 Swype v1.3.6.10405 ! longer do Beta if Swype -installed. We’ve changed so maintain tested pre-installed Swype keyboard out from Swype.

What's new Snappzmarket Swype v1.3.6.10405 Swype v1.3.6.10405 :

Snappzmarket Swype v1.3.6.10405 Swype v1.3.6.10405 various Swype v1.3.6.10405 related 's email application, including: - Cursor selection honored when inserting, replacing text. - [Galaxy S3] Picking default option duplicates word. - WCL when place cursor back (recapture). - Single tapping anywhere field delete underlined words. - Double tapping doesn't highlight text. - [Galaxy S3] No recapture. - Cursor jumps line when pressing enter a word. - Samsung Email app: swyping a word within a word causes incorrect deletion. Snappzmarket Swype v1.3.6.10405 Swype v1.3.6.10405 issue dictionary/DLM loss when upgrading from Swype Beta v1.1/1.2 .3 .



Swype v1.3.6.10405 :







1.Install Swype v1.3.6.10405.apk

2.Unrar .rar to /system/lib (Use Root explorer)


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