Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Saturday, December 8, 2012

About Us: Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09
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Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09

Snappzmarket Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 : Android 2.2+

Snappzmarket Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 : Stay best Shady SMS!

After opening Shady first time WOW, THERE'S NO ICON, NO OPEN BUTTON!

Welcome SMS 3.0; Shady SMS far dial secret/hidden SMS messaging application. Once opened there icon open button!

** How Shady **

Once Shady first time impossible via any button whatsoever, code . dialing code button.

** Introduction **

Shady SMS brings really cool Android 4.0 optimized user interface, fast SMS/MMS messaging experience! contact list -fied drag capabilities. Contacts messages moved top list, color. Yay detection!

Shady most powerful secret messaging application off anything be made,. a contact list, messages sent list visible within Shady; Shady contacts invisible device, longer appear phones native messager app.

Unlike messager Shady SMS notifications do . discrete, hidden, SECRET. configure notification message anything you'd like, so when a message from Bob's BarBQ there nothing Shady going on. Shady provides maximized confidentiality, security protecting prying eyes. Shady vault, Android vault solving countless problems!

** Stuff **

24/7 email support,

19 free messager themes

25 Free contact list fonts

5 Contact list styles

4 Animation settings

51 free custom notification icons

Full support/3G/4G

Powerful backup feature

fully functional Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich optimized secret SMS messager

** New Contact List Sorting Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 **

Shady SMS, gesture detecting, drag contact list secret SMS messagers Play Store. Truly feature, gives contact list a run money. Choose from 4 different sort methods including sorting feature.

** Notifications Replacement **

Shady SMS replaces SMS/MMS notification mechanism. Shady's complete notifications system fully manages all Shady contact SMS/MMS notifications. notifications mechanism messager, un-checking the "notifications" checkbox settings.

** MMS filtering **

Shady Snappzmarket Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 MMS filter Play Store. After downloads attachment Shady it! want "au" stock messaging application so process . Shady handles video, images, audio, flawlessly. Don't forget au MMS attachments stock messager seamless filtering experience!

** Third Party Messagers **

remove Chomp, Handcent, SMS technical support; preferred Shady /default messager phone.

** Market Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 History **

Use Locker 2 recommended down Store downloads tab. Its app, free Snappzmarket Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 . Apps cannot be removed from tab :-/

** Affiliation **

Shady SMS affiliated, SPC, Blacklist, Redlist, My Calculator, Private SMS/MMS Box, Message, Horizon, Locky, Hide Text & Call logs, Conspirator, Call Guard(SMS & Call Blocker), CATE Call Eraser, Secret Vault-Hide Picture&SMS, . Number: Text, Call & Block.

What's Snappzmarket Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 Shady SMS 3.0 v27.09 :

So Shady was fast before T brings ever performance improvement app. Especially Android phones obvious (4.0+)



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