Volt v1.1

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Saturday, January 4, 2014

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Volt v1.1

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download Volt v1.1 Volt v1.1 : 2.3+

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download Volt v1.1 Volt v1.1 : Volt - Battery loose

way recycling process when fortunately, environment - accidentally run off.

Now escape from - which extremely difficult task fact battery without . Equipped limited number beams, connect , move objects, turn charge generators.

off - physics gravity.

Volt v1.1 :

- puzzle platformer lot , swinging, rolling along

- super-fun gameplay mechanics

- over 20 levels (with come every 2 weeks)

- boss stages

- unlockable 16-b

- batteries

For experience Volt be played devices minimum .5 inches displays.

in different zones - added every 2 weeks, which increase . cheaper be !



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