MinMinGuard v1.0

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Saturday, January 4, 2014

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MinMinGuard v1.0

Snappzmarket MinMinGuard v1.0 MinMinGuard v1.0 : 4.0.3 , Xposed Framework

Hi everyone,

Here I am going my newly developed Xposed module, MinMinGuard. completely remove both inside apps empty space caused ads. Conventional ads removing apps able content, but taken ad remain unused (black). MinMinGuard successfully removes space, which extends window like the [STRIKE]pro Snappzmarket MinMinGuard v1.0 MinMinGuard v1.0 [/STRIKE] app was completely ad free.

MinMinGuard v1.0 :

1. Totally remove . notice showing content, but field originally taken ad. MinMinGuard remove field!

2. Lightweight. Alternative ad removing apps (AdBlock etc) constantly run a background VPN service, which puts a heavy loading system. MinMinGuard does a VPN service, so system resources and, thus, extends life.

3. Per App Setting. MinMinGuard lets which apps ads from. If want ads from several apps, MinMinGuard best solution.

MinMinGuard v1.0 :


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