Glowfish v1.0

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Sunday, January 19, 2014

About Us: Glowfish v1.0
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Glowfish v1.0

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download Glowfish v1.0 Glowfish v1.0 : 2.3.3/ PowerVr GPU

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download Glowfish v1.0 Glowfish v1.0 : Dr. Urchin Coralline! It’s Glowfish friend pals everywhere from underwater platform adventure.

50 vibrant, colorful ocean landscapes awa t-style underwater adventure game. Filled sea creatures, navigate through maze level fluid joystick control system.

Beware—while floor friends waiting, a host ! takes unique ocean world challenges turn. Gather Glowfish bigger level. Set friends free Glowfish powerful ring , bubbles battle.

Add team powerful Glow Chums , them coins boss battle! Dive be prepared dazzled.


"Glowfish exploration nirvana. It's got absolutely everything going. like a dream, looks like a dream, a real sense . There's no other word whole package other than 'magical.' Glowfish must have." -

"'s gorgeous, even standards, whole experience pleasant. Check t out." -

"If you've played games like Osmos, then you'll love what GlowFish offer." -

" gameplay great without headphones. without being overwhelming. Did I mention gorgeous?" -

"With over 50 levels, you'll be constantly surprised throws." -

Product Glowfish v1.0

- 50 A-Maze-ing platform adventure levels

- Unlock all 8 Glow Chums

- Collect coins Chums

- Dominate Boss Battle

- Get 4 Stars level

- 25 Achievements

- Hours -friendly entertainment


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