Karoshi v1.2.9

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Monday, November 25, 2013

About Us: Karoshi v1.2.9
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Karoshi v1.2.9

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download Karoshi v1.2.9 Karoshi v1.2.9 : Android 2.1 +

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download Karoshi v1.2.9 Karoshi v1.2.9 : Think outside immensely popular logic puzzle game.

Karoshi XPERIA™ PLAY Optimized!

We’re very happy support Xperia™ Play , 's first Playstation® Certified smartphone!

One most popular games, iPhone ! Karoshi played PC acclaim.

•Karoshi 2.0 was “internet ” magazine

•Karoshi Suicide Salaryman was.com’s top 5 PC Games

•“Some most LOL-worth -bending puzzles I seen” TIGsource 2.0

We've been taught . , save . That's all well , but it's getting boring. Who says t?

Mr Karoshi overworked Japanese salaryman who’s had enough end . him through logic puzzles trying hilarious ways demise highly original, puzzle, platformer twist.

It’s easy sounds!! cleverly ‘outside ’ a solution. Forget everything so far!

Karoshi v1.2.9 :

* XPERIA PLAY Optimized!

* 50 levels

* Dark Humor

* Collect all

* Karoshi Ware mini game

* From of ‘They Need Fed’

* Catchy soundtrack Almond

T popular, hit, cult first time Android Market.

*Disclaimer – must highly developed sense fullest



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