My Data Manager 2.4.6

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Sunday, October 13, 2013

About Us: My Data Manager 2.4.6
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My Data Manager 2.4.6

Snappzmarket My Data Manager 2.4.6 My Data Manager 2.4.6 : 2.2

Take control mobile data money mobile phone bill!

“My Data Manager incredibly convenient tool” – CNET

“My Data Manager ... best Android app control amount ” – Best Android Apps Review

“Monitoring use task ... which apps like My Data Manager so important.” ZDNet

My Data Manager popular data usage monitor track mobile data usage. It’s a simple data counter use track data count daily basis. what apps used data always tell total amount used current mobile data plan period.

Do which apps all ? Do how much data you’ve used t going over ? Try My Data Manager control data saving data !

• Track usage additional charges bill

• Underst apps data monitoring app data usage.

• Set usage alarms overage charges and “bill shock”.

• Track historical app time usage using easy visualizations.

• Ensure using data plan how .

• Simple .

• Save money .

My Data Manager 2.4.6 – it’s a great way money mobile bill!

from you, so please contact us using button app.


- information: Contacts accessed; launch times.

Note: SD storage supported. If placed SD card service disrupted cases.


My Data Manager 2.4.6 Instructions:


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