WhatsApp+ v4.15D

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Monday, September 9, 2013

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WhatsApp+ v4.15D

Snappzmarket WhatsApp+ v4.15D WhatsApp+ v4.15D : Android OS 2.1 +

Snappzmarket WhatsApp+ v4.15D WhatsApp+ v4.15D : What +? Basically a customizable WhatsApp where change lots , sizes, other visual MODs increase upload media limit (stock lim 16Mb) large music files.

increase quality sent (by default resolution quite a lot) share music just click add contact profile pictures chats hide contact profile pictures phonebook pictures (in chat screen) Built-in theme viewer . Check WhatsApp+ users themes online theme if Remember uninstall whatsapp if from Snappzmarket WhatsApp+ v4.15D WhatsApp+ v4.15D (if the "not installed" error)

What's new:

*Updates options reorganized

*Added option update

*Added MOD 4.13 Mic Button Color Notification

*Added Gold icon color MOD 6.1

*Added Gold color icon MOD 6.2

*Other WhatsApp+ v4.15D solved



WhatsApp+ v4.15D :



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