SLAMMED! v1.0.2

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Wednesday, July 3, 2013

About Us: SLAMMED! v1.0.2
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SLAMMED! v1.0.2

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download SLAMMED! v1.0.2 SLAMMED! v1.0.2 : Android 2.1+

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download SLAMMED! v1.0.2 SLAMMED! v1.0.2 : Turn a scripted steel-cage wrestling match in real fight 250,000-word interactive novel!

You've always dreamed pro wrestling's biggest star...but a wrestler's world , out of . Become a powerhouse, a technician, a high-flier, on skills. There's one road .

But none roads easy. T a world where fans harshest critics; where office dangerous than circle; where friends enemies single heel turn; where, sometimes, way lose, spectacularly.

T professional wrestling. 're SLAMMED! v1.0.2 it, forever.

Slammed! epic interactive professional-wrestling novel Chikiamco, where determine how proceeds. text-based--without graphics effects--but driven vast, unstoppable power imagination.

There's never been a professional wrestling this, a the outcome final match, , relationships affect . When's time a pro-wrestling RPG "kayfabe" stat?--or where -talking "promo" ability important core strength technique?


SLAMMED! v1.0.2 :

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SLAMMED! v1.0.2 :

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