Sun Surveyor v1.9.7

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Wednesday, June 5, 2013

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Sun Surveyor v1.9.7

Snappzmarket Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 : Android 2.1+

Snappzmarket Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 : Sun Surveyor predicts Sun & Moon positions (azimuth, altitude, time) modules: 3D Compass, Map View, Camera View (Augmented Reality) (Ephemeris).

Sun Surveyor location scouting, solar panel positioning, gardening, real estate, Earth Science geekery, ! Plan sunrise !

Use controls to:

● Visualize "golden hour"

● Find a location, involving

● Visualize throughout a year location earth

● Augmented Reality Camera View - 360 degree spherical view projected on camera output

Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 :

● Sun & Moon Bearing , Sunrise & Sunset, Shadow Ratio, Moon Rise & Set, Moon Phase & Illumination %, Twilight Times, (new!) Summer Solstice Paths

● 3D Compass - A 3D projection positions overlaid on compass representing 's bearing world

● Map View - A top-down view event positions overlaid on interactive map. (new) Lock down point & Moon events!

● AR Camera View - View through the phone's camera, visualize where sky, or when they behind a building

● Time Machine Slider - Visualize events single day, get longer and shorter Moon's path get further throughout a year

● Offline Usage (excludes Map View) - Enter Coordinates, Save & Load Locations data connection available

● Send screenshots

● Sun shadow ratio , visualize cast from

● Local, Auto-Detect TimeZone selection

● Compensation Declination


- languages: 中文(简体)- Chinese (Simplified) translation Lin, many thanks!

- Information overlay: shows Moon Illumination %

- Fix length arc visualization Compass cases


Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 :

Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 Instructions:

Sun Surveyor v1.9.7 :

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