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[root] Triangle Away v2.95

Snappzmarket [root] Triangle Away v2.95 [root] Triangle Away v2.95 : 4.0+

Snappzmarket [root] Triangle Away v2.95 [root] Triangle Away v2.95 : Many Samsung devices store a flash counter track many times flashed *custom* firmwares device. devices, a yellow triangle sort warning displayed during boot if running a *custom* firmware. TriangleAway was built do disable (if a visual warning is present) ROM flash counter . T requires root !

You out status flash counter state (custom) into "download mode" devices. way into "download mode" first turning off , then turning volumedown+home+power. Alternatively, the "adb reboot download" command also often works.

When TriangleAway, if and firmware, show detected state binary (custom) counter value, option to "Reset flash counter". Please confirm information shown is correct before resetting .

On a number , TriangleAway , but may supported directly. case, needs in special boot mode, which happen if "Reset flash counter". The device in special mode which review status counter values (or abort nothing).


( brick I mean brick - board replacement JTAG un be able you, don't mess(loader) stuff unless you *really* mean it! )

Note#1: using Triangle Away may unmount card. Reboot remount Android settings.

Note#2: SGS3, the "system modified" status be reset firmwares.

T used successfully on:

Samsung Galaxy S2:

- GT-I9100 **

Samsung Galaxy Note:

- GT-N7000 **

- GT-I9220 **

Samsung Galaxy S3:

- GT-I9300 **

- GT-I9300T **

- AT&T

- Sprint

- T-Mobile

- Verizon

- Canadia

- US Cellular

- GT-I9305 LTE **

- GT-I9305T LTE **

- GT-I9305N LTE **

- Korea SHV-E210K/L/S **

- Korea SHW-M440S **

Samsung Galaxy Note 2:

- GT-N7100/T **

- GT-N7105/T LTE **

- SPH-L900 Sprint **

- SGH-T889 T-Mobile **

- SGH-R950 US Cellular **

- SGH-I317/M AT&T/Canada **

- SCH-I605 Verizon ** (unlocked bootloader only)

- Korea SHV-E250K/L/S **

Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC100 **

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1":

- GT-N8000 3G **

- GT-N801x Wi-Fi **

- GT-N8020 LTE **

- SHW-M480S/K/W **

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2:

- GT-P310x 7" 3G

- GT-P311x 7" Wi-Fi

- GT-P510x 10.1" 3G

- GT-P511x 10.1" Wi-Fi

** Various related models depending, but only model numbers listed regardless Snappzmarket [root] Triangle Away v2.95 [root] Triangle Away v2.95 .

Whether Triangle Away works depends largely on . Flashing a different kernel may make if it previously didn't.

Variants processors but rather processors expected . I honestly would (until further notice) - examples are &T Note.

For discussion details, see -Developers.com thread here:

http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthr ... ?t=1494114

Note download available from completely for free. go there free, me a beer and download Market. 100% same program.

What's Snappzmarket [root] Triangle Away v2.95 [root] Triangle Away v2.95 :

- Restructured detect code

- Snappzmarket [root] Triangle Away v2.95 [root] Triangle Away v2.95 possible crash-at-launch

- [root] Triangle Away v2.95 "system modified" patch

- Added periodic system modified reset service

- Added option normal mode reboot boot mode

- New reset method-based S4 family

- Added:

--- Note 8.0 3G/Wi-Fi/LTE GT-N5100/10/20

--- Galaxy S4 (Qualcomm-based):

----- International GT-I9505

----- T-Mobile SGH-M919

----- Sprint SPH-L720

----- US Cellular SCH-R970

----- Canadia SGH-I337M


[root] Triangle Away v2.95 :


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[root] Triangle Away v2.95 :


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