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Math Helper v3.0.10

Snappzmarket Math Helper v3.0.10 Math Helper v3.0.10 : 2.1+

Snappzmarket Math Helper v3.0.10 Math Helper v3.0.10 : Universal application mathematics, which helps only , but also of solving it, step.


MathHelper’s marks :

– Intel ® Learning Series Alliance software packs

– rated above 4.9 Play positive reviews.

Here a few user reviews:

> "Perfect companion challenges linear theories!"

> "Thanks authors, nominal fee I bought without thinking, probably cost "

> "Great app. I bought don’t regret it. "

This application universal assistant who deal mathematics. be a higher school student, a university student or even a graduate – If immediate mathematical assistance – MathHelper !

forget Math Helper v3.0.10 all books tricks tips, which cases do not guarantee’ll solve problem.

MathHelper enables , but also it, step. T multifunctional calculator includes theoretical guide languages. You’ll get mini-laboratory stored conveniently and compactly Android!

Now, quickly find the answer, but also handle similar problems future. very surprised results work.

MathHelper during exams! if already grown out uniform ’s jeans, always use a universal mathematical reference book calculator!

MathHelper allows calculating propositions problems algebra sections moment:

1. Operations:

* Transpose Matrix

* Finding Matrix

* Finding Matrix

* Addition

* Matrix multiplication

* Scalar multiplication

* Calculating matrix

2. Solving systems equations:

* method

* ’s method

* Matrix method

3. Vectors:

* Finding (magnitude) vector

* Checking if two vectors

* Orthogonal vectors

* Sum, difference, scalar product

* Finding product

* Finding between two vectors

* Finding angle between two vectors

* Finding vector on

* Coplanar vectors

4. Figures:

* Finding triangle

* Show points lie same plane

* Finding tetrahedron (pyramid)

* Finding tetrahedron (pyramid)

NEW! 5. Mathematical analysis - Derivatives:

* Derivative function

* Derivative function given parametrically

* implic

6. Probability theory:

* Finding expectation sample

* Finding variance

* Finding set elements

* Finding (n, k)

7. Number theory :

* Prime factorization

* Finding GCD

* common multiple common divisor

* Complex numbers: Addition, subtraction, multiplication

* Raising a complex number power

* terms progression (arithmetric )

* Finding Fibonacci numbers

* Solution Diophantine equations

* Finding ’s function

* n!

Learn math new way!

What's Snappzmarket Math Helper v3.0.10 Math Helper v3.0.10 :


2.0.6: Stability fixes

2.1.0: New functionality was added - . New localization - Italian. Snappzmarket Math Helper v3.0.10 Math Helper v3.0.10 several Math Helper v3.0.10


- New design was implemented. Hope it;

- Snappzmarket Math Helper v3.0.10 Math Helper v3.0.10 vector problems;

- Snappzmarket Math Helper v3.0.10 Math Helper v3.0.10 '0 divisor' problem;

- Snappzmarket Math Helper v3.0.10 Math Helper v3.0.10 matrix problems.

3.0.10: Keyboard issue fixed, stability improvements


Math Helper v3.0.10 :

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