Zooper Widget Pro v2.16

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Sunday, April 14, 2013

About Us: Zooper Widget Pro v2.16
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Zooper Widget Pro v2.16

Snappzmarket Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 : 4.0.3

Snappzmarket Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 : Minimal, classy, extremely customizable friendly Clock Widget ,!

If please rate it! If issues send me, i cannot answer comments!


- Sample templates included, no need anything else

- Some custom fonts already included, additional added/fonts

- Create easily, no functional limit

- Build everything, color, text, shapes, position

- Completely custom date (day , week number, number )

- Battery info (remaining time, percentage, temperature, voltage)

- World clock (multiple timezones same widget)

- Weather days forecast even locations widget

- Calendar info customization

- System info, like uptime, next alarm, sd card space

- Wifi network name, cell operator

- Sunrise even location


- No Ads

- Widget action / config lock (and "module" click action soon)

- Save


Zooper Widget built from ground battery, nothing done while sleeps, no weather updated if no weather information, no location updated if to.


Zooper Widget does much memory when it's running, even Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 screen 't grow 7 megabytes. During configuration however RAM usage even , t normal space released some time after config .


- Advanced Clock Widget

- Minimalistic Text

- Beautiful Widgets

- SiMi Clock Widget

- TypoClock

- Clockr

- BattStatt

- Ultimate custom clock

- Make Widget

What's Snappzmarket Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 :

If ZW LockScreen phone might reboot, Android bug, be fixed!

== 2.16

- Rich Text parameters variables

- Conditions!!! (beta) see http://zooper.org/wp/archives/2259

- Hours/minutes remaining function see http://zooper.org/wp/archives/2286

- Short connection (3g, 2g, H+...)

- New series (week / battery)

- Buzz Launcher support (PRO only)

Changes: http://zooper.org/wp/android/zw/changelog

Permissions: http://zooper.org/wp/android/zw/permissions



Zooper Widget Pro v2.16 :



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