The Great Fusion v1.8

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Monday, April 8, 2013

About Us: The Great Fusion v1.8
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Fusion v1.8

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download The Great Fusion v1.8 Fusion v1.8 : 2.2+

Snappzmarket Snappzmarket Download The Great Fusion v1.8 Fusion v1.8 : HIlarious graphic adventure inspired childhood’s point games

★ Year 2022: Society changed during decade. old times. Discover t graphic adventure inspired childhood’s point-and-click classic adventure games ★

Fusion third person graphic adventure set year 2022. Rich people people poorer. Laws, crusaders prosecute free culture corporations. ’s science fiction, righ?

- Available

- Entertaining story dialogs

- Current affairs remarks criticism

- Hand-drawn artwork

- Original soundtrack

- User-friendly interface

- Optimised devices

- Multilanguage : English, Spanish, French, Italian. (German coming soon)

The Great Fusion v1.8

Max, a young programmer, in fight a living trying falling own ignorance, experiencing thousands situations, amidst countless nods graphic adventures from pop culture.

As world appeared unified, borders were created area from one. , as " Fusion". Put -hero cape fight’s yours’s help unusual adventure.

T science fiction adventure itself. graphic adventure games fun feel comics. Hilarious dialogs, videos , Quentin, Woody, robots, security officers, a lady rat-dog who . Run lives!

★Tired -person shooters?★

know zombies, them cooler. But of " Fusion" –a bunch year-old guys- wanted a different game, which could recapture many good old times from genre. Those witty conversations which help solving puzzles popping every turn...

a unique experience which rarely The Great Fusion v1.8 today. Our priority been interface which would allow us Max’s world. ’t be great heroes, over , but recreate one potential futures our society heading.

★Help us spreading ★

If , help us it.

- Make some noice: tell migh be interested in ” Fusion”.

- Use buttons media if like it.

- A few sincere words: always trying . delighted them in projects.

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