Final Fight v0.3.3

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Sunday, April 7, 2013

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Final Fight v0.3.3

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Final Fight played players simultaneously. Before the , chooses between main characters: Haggar, Cody, . fighting style . Health gauges player characters.

The controls Fight consist eight-way joystick buttons respectively. Pressing button repeatedly when attacking enemies character a combo. blow combo changed throw if moves opposite direction just before landing it. perform a jump attack. Pressing buttons simultaneously allows a special attack all surrounding enemies, but a small portion player's health.

Enemies grabbed simply in . When is grabbed, a grab attack button a throw left. A thrown enemy tossed damage. Items such , health recovery items, awarding extra points can be picked standing over one button. Weapons uses disappear if enemy too much moves new area.

Final Fight consists stages or "rounds", bonus rounds. takes place different section City such Slums Subway, rounds featuring one level. At round a boss character unique to .


Final Fight v0.3.3 :

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Final Fight v0.3.3 :

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