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AOKPush v1.0.1

Snappzmarket AOKPush v1.0.1 AOKPush v1.0.1 : Android O/S : 4.1+

Snappzmarket AOKPush v1.0.1 AOKPush v1.0.1 : Track AOKP builds easiest possible way: immediately receive push notifications when a build and ready !

Also get test builds & random fun messages from .

AOKPush uses Cloud Messaging (GCM) service provided by Google since Jelly Bean. GCM in Android framework, eg. the application does any extra battery nor wakes device periodically data.

There feeds subscribe to:

Milestone feed: official milestone releases

Nightly feed: official (automatic) nightly releases

Test feed: unofficial test releases developers

Fun feed: messages from barn

Messages sent automatically AOKP build server (milestone / nightly feeds) developers (test / fun feeds).

sends data AOKPush server boot, after application upgrades, changing feed subscriptions. Sent data than 200 bytes. Received data less than 1 KByte but cannot be 4 KBytes.

stores entries AOKPush v1.0.1 :

registration ID

device type

subscribed feeds

ID unique ID generated GCM framework which identifies . No personal data .

receive even if run AOKP. install currently not AOKP-supported devices, you a message once a build phone/tablet.

't receive been sent before . Everything happens real-time.

Please note developer app responsible content received messages, nor reliability.

Huge thanks ideas & work images!

What's Snappzmarket AOKPush v1.0.1 AOKPush v1.0.1 : (Updated : Apr 17, 2013)

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AOKPush v1.0.1 :

AOKPush v1.0.1 :

AOKPush v1.0.1 Instructions:

AOKPush v1.0.1 :

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