MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139

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About Us: MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139
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MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139

Snappzmarket MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 : 2.1

Snappzmarket MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 : Movie English

MePlayer Video

Learn English while Watching Movies!

Playing movies view – watch a movie subtitle script!

MePlayer Movie, Movie English movie player language/English SMI subtitles.

subtitle script read so English while watching a movie. Words MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 dictionary just.

study English easily while watching movie intelligent replay .

Just like ordinary video players, use t movies conveniently.

==== Before-Playing Settings ====

Put a movie file subtitle file same folder device.

provides MP4 . should format played phone itself.

For flawless playing, encode files . Subtitles should be file Snappzmarket MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 .

==== Directions ====

1. Start MePlayer Movie from .

2. Rewind, Pause/Play Forward functions: Play displayed movie.

- Rewind: Goes back last subtitle starting point.

- Pause/Play: Displays control menu.

- Fast Forward: Goes next subtitle starting point.

3. Scroll from script. Playing from .

4. Replay: Replays automatically times chose.

- Intelligent Replay: Automatically decides number considering difficulty sentence.

- Section Replay: Provides convenient section replays.

5. Repeat: Automatically pauses after playing one sentence before playing sentence. During , read out speaking. If (Text ), read.

6. Subtitle Selection: Korean/English/All subtitles selected.

7. Horizontal View <-> Vertical View: played page Horizontal View.

8. Sound Play: When movie playing (by clicking Back button), sound movie played like using a MP3 player.

9. Dictionary: lightly from image long clicking from script, list displayed. When a word , shown dictionary.

- words used vocabulary list.

- Delete searched words: Long click words .

- TTS pronunciation support: If ’t hear , set from options.

10. Setting: Resume Play, Dictionary Selection, Horizontal View/Vertical View details set.

==== Supported Functions ====

. View SMI subtitles: Automatically scrolled movie .

. One-touch navigation: Rewind, Play/Pause Forward movie display area.

. Subtitle Navigation

. Sentence Replay/Intelligent Sentence Replay/Section Replay

. Repeat

. Dictionary function (Provides various languages world dictionary.)

. TTS Pronunciation support sentences

. Searched Word List (Vocabulary List)

. Movies View/Vertical View (Play View)

. Play movie

. Continued Play from play stopped point

. Continued Play

. Adjust Subtitle Sync

. Listen

. Section Replay subtitle units

. Supports Colordict

. Supports Fora Dictionary

. Record when Shadowing ON. Click

memu while playing.

. Home screen Shortcut (dictionary, Resume play, select a movie)

. Volume Control (set perference menu)

. Pop (POP-UP Player)

What's Snappzmarket MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 MePlayer Movie Pro v7.5.139 :

- use a dictionary app phone



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