UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Tuesday, November 27, 2012

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UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9

Snappzmarket UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 : Android 2.1+

Snappzmarket UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 : Much a Fullscreen Caller ID replacement: Phone tool!

Much a Fullscreen Caller ID replacement: Phone tool!

complete caller ID replacement toolbox Play, feature leader class. UCS combines a Fullscreen Caller ID replacement, Fullscreen SMS Receiver, contact picture manager, call blocker, and, , sensor-base actions such calls screen-down, gestures just sure any way to.

As recommended on www.lifehacker.com:

" app too numerous , but if phone calls (, originally intended for), it's a must-have."

In one app, :

- Choose pictures from gallery, take from camera friends using their HD profile pictures

- Apply pictures directly from , android "share" function. Just choose "Add "!

- Answer calls, sliding buttons, rotary buttons, swipe gestures... !

- Configure calls, put ringer simply screen-down!

- Swipe gestures (reject calls, reject, reply , ...)

- Call blocker (whitelist, blacklist, block unknown numbers, block selected contacts, block)

- Fullscreen SMS receiver

- Complete theme support call screens, personalizable per contact

- Picture syncing pictures internal contacts

Advanced UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 :

- Use android contact picture caller ID (Licensed only!)

- Selectively enable outgoing/incoming calls

- Sync contact database -defined callscreen HD pictures,-upload a set from

- Theming support Call screens, allowing changing almost everything interface

- a different theme

- Hide parts call screen interface.

- Option incoming SMS show above lockscreen, including turning on

- Swipe through all SMS messages,

- "Block Unknown Callers" feature

- "Block": define 3 prefixes all numbers starting

- ALWAYS go back default phone interface during a call, simply "Back" while call

- Much MUCH more! Take a settings!

Getting Started Notes

- Read the " UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 " section Settings, valuable stuff!

- in-call functions, press the "Back" button call default phone interface!

- Syncing, first go to "Facebook Integration" menu "Sync Friends List now!" option.

In Snappzmarket UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 V5.0.0 , free Snappzmarket UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 changed due request. Almost all functions, but there personalizable contact limit.

Any issue, don't hesitate me. Note cannot reply left Play, so I really cannot help, if 't drop me issue have.

Whats New:

Added option on/off auto-dismiss SMS when replying. Default -dismiss!

- Snappzmarket UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9 issue receiver where sometimes SMS was last one

- Recheck devices need sensor override



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UltimateCallScreen v7.3.9


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