HDR Camera+ v2.30

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Monday, November 26, 2012

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Snappzmarket HDR Camera+ v2.30 HDR Camera+ v2.30 : Android OS 2.2+

Snappzmarket HDR Camera+ v2.30 HDR Camera+ v2.30 : Capture high quality HDR images resolution

Capture high quality High Dynamic Range images:

- Full resolution

- Take HDR image tap

- HDR image fused -mapped within seconds

- Don't be rock-solid while shooting

- Correct handling objects -ghosting

- control tone-mapping parameters: contrast, micro-contrast, color vividness, exposure

- Save original exposure bracketed images

- Location tagging

- Shutter sound muted

- Support on/off/auto



Real life scenes often wide range intensity, which cannot be captured camera. pho such a scene areas out black spot details. technique allows capture details areas them merged single photo.

HDR photography adopted photographers. Wouldn't nice phones?

HDR requires taking several differently exposed images, which must be precisely aligned fused. usable life scenes, feature should include moving object detection shake compensation final image. a lot resources a challenge even desktop HDR software.

Almalence its expertise HDR software phones. Our HDR fusion algorithms compensate h moving objects scene, suppressing ghosting artifacts. same time, enough comfortable processing time devices.

What's Snappzmarket HDR Camera+ v2.30 HDR Camera+ v2.30 :

- stability fixes

- minor UI improvements



HDR Camera+ v2.30


HDR Camera+ v2.30


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