Compass PRO v2.9

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Compass PRO v2.9

Snappzmarket Compass PRO v2.9 Compass PRO v2.9 : Android 1.6+

Snappzmarket Compass PRO v2.9 Compass PRO v2.9 : Professional Compass. Simple tool pocket

Professional Compass. Simple tool pocket

Compass PRO compass pocket, when it, where it.

Compass PRO following functions:

- Shows direction , south, east

- Shows degrees in “side window”

- Rotating bezel




First we’ll need a little b compass jargon first. PRO points north (with N,S,E, indicated, beveled edge series ). There movable ring around compass, called . A red double line across compass line, , there little window above which named-window (as side real compass).

Side-window navigation couldn’t be simpler. line compass . long hold flat lubber line pointing direction you’re going, always see number window’re going way. If a different number, turn until number.

side window method ,’re.

Navigating works essentially window, but remembers . All is, point line compass , wa settles down moving. Then turn until triangle edge bezel ( right number zero bezel) arrow card. long hold flat lubber line pointing direction you’re going, always see arrow inside ,’re going way. If not, turn until arrow inside .

Notice you’ve adjusted correctly, side window directly across from end lubber line. words, if counterclockwise until bracketed arrow, bezel would be far end lubber line. Notice , showing side window . If holding t direction lubber line, you’d be heading .

Now how direction. But how do back? Easy! If you’re thinking bezel, simply turn until arrow faces , but single triangle that’s exactly across from .’re pointed back where .

tricky part isn’t learning what mean . common mistakes holding flat, actually going direction line .

Large iron objects sensor Android device, causing point wrong direction. T called deviation. If t happening, simply move away from several feet problem should correct itself.


Other Snappzmarket Compass PRO v2.9 Compass PRO v2.9 :

- Simple , use a real compass

- Professional design

- Large numbers rotating bezel

- Audio Effects bezel

- Incredibly smooth movements

- Compass PRO “menu button” Android, “back button” exits application

- Professional coding application size

- It’s FREE

Try it, love it!

Whats New:

Several minor Compass PRO v2.9 fixed.


Compass PRO v2.9 Instructions:

Compass PRO v2.9

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