WardenCam Pro v1.0.0

Posted by Mitchell C Grimes on Wednesday, August 21, 2013

About Us: WardenCam Pro v1.0.0
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WardenCam Pro v1.0.0

Snappzmarket WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 : 2.2

Snappzmarket WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 : No special hardware needed! Just use two devices!

No router configurations needed! Just plug !

No local network restrictions! Use service globally!

No MJPEG low quality video! Enjoy quality advanced video compression technology.

WardenCam groundbreaking personal surveillance application that utilizes two android devices monitoring over internet (wifi, 3g) detection cloud recording, specially designed security fraction cost usb webcam.

Do two android devices? create a surveillance system spare device daily phone, a gmail account, Dropbox account (optional). WardenCam simple , as checking a mailbox. P2P communication. No router configuration required. No local network restrictions. 3G/4G . HD image quality enabled video compression algorithm. Reliable motion detection provides protection ones . Personalize best quality frame rate reasonable b. Make device visual and acoustic sensing!

WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 :

1. INSTANT SETUP: Log in gmail account. Link space. No router configuration required. Start protecting in 60 seconds

2. ACCESS ANYWHERE: Receive live video, audio, event alert, capture anywhere service

3. MOTION ALARM: Once camera module , app automatically detects motion events viewer. Robust algorithm trust

4. DROPBOX INTEGRATION: Video logs logs to Dropbox 24/7 accessible from all mobile platforms. With power cable connected turned off, DVR function forever

5. HD VIDEO: Ultra high definition video image high fps achieved art video compression technology

6. VIDEO REPLAY: DVR capture recordings played within . Users manage folder such alarms within

7. LOW LOST: price good cup , surveillance solution

How :

Make sure performance trial Snappzmarket WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 . This app work private home network. So try at network first. Some public network, such cooperate network, university network, shared WiFi may following settings which lead behavior.

1. Disables port server

2. Disables video uploading

3. Disables P2P connections ...

If 3G/4G , then P2P connection carrier.

Once Pro Snappzmarket WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 , please uninstall . Pro Snappzmarket WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 provides unlimited usage.

time paying hardware/service using phone serious surveillance device applications, home security, babe monitor, pet monitor, spy camera, entertainment/prank......


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WardenCam Pro v1.0.0 :


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